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Cookie Monster Cupcakes

A lot of people say to us, “Hey Genuine, why are you fatter than the last time we saw you?” The simple answer to that question is “Ali.”  She has found a place in cooking history by creating super creative cup cake flavors that bend the very definition of the cup cake.  From coffee to toffee, red velvet to velvet Elvis, Ali has used a delicious mix of ingredients for her baking inspiration.  There is one ingredient that seems to be the common thread in her baking—and that delicious flavor—is booze flavored. Yes, a few too many cupcakes from Chef Ali and you may find yourself loose in the melon using IE 6 to book flights to Europe.  You haven’t had a cupcake hangover you say? All I can tell you is that it’s delicious.

Ali’s latest creation are these Cookie Monster cupcakes which she normally douses with booze and serves at children’s birthday parties around Boston.  NOTE TO KIDS:  If you see a lady with a Venom t-shirt and delicious-looking Cookie Monster cupcakes, don’t believe a word she says. Before you know it, you’ll be coding Drupal in our dungeon and you won’t know where your childhood went. Just ask the rest of the developers.


  1. Oct 21 2011 roman says

    i am very, very sad i didn’t get to taste one of these… :(

  2. Oct 21 2011 Ang says

    I love my sissy! Genuine is lucky to have you. Nice cupcakes Ali. :)

  3. Oct 24 2011 srikanth says

    One bite pls ;)

  4. Oct 24 2011 Petra Marino says

    I think November is Client Cupcake month…HighRoads could use some yummy treats

  5. Oct 25 2011 Jeff Miller says

    You guys have my address, and um…the holidays are coming up. I’m pretty sure these will survive the trip across town. Just sayin…

  6. Apr 10 2012 Sara Hellon says

    This is so cute, I wanna make some cookies which is really healthy a fun filled cookies with a touch of antioxidant astaxanthin, I read about it’s benefits at so I wanna make some for my children.

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