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Google & Foursquare, a Powerful Combination

Foursquare, it seems to be just another way for people to shout out, “Hey I’m somewhere doing something! Look at me!” and formost users (including yours truly) that’s what it is. But Foursquare can be so much more, especially for companies and brands. The guys over at have plenty of tips as to get more out of the Foursquare experience. Below are two examples of how powerful Foursquare can be when combined with Google.

Google Maps + Foursquare


First up, here’s how to map your Foursquare check-in on Google Maps. Follow these two easy steps:

1. Visit your Foursquarefeeds page. Right-click the KML link and copy it to your clipboard (butdon’t download it).

2. Visit Google Maps and paste the link you copied into the search box. Hit Enter.

All your Foursquare check-ins will be pinned on the map and you can share this information by clicking either Send or Link at the top of the map. So what can you do with this information?  What about embedding the map into your website? This could allow clients, consumers, whomever to interactively see where you’ve been. For example, a brand might check into expos/events that it is a part of.

Google Calendar + Foursquare

How about sharing your Foursquare check-ins in a GoogleCalendar?  All it takes is a few easy steps:

1. Visit your Foursquare feeds page, right-click on the ICS link and copy the link location (but do not download the file)

2. In your Google Calendar, find the Other Calendars box on the lower left and click Add.

3. Choose Add by URL.

4. In the pop-up that appears, paste the URL you copied from the feeds page and click Add Calendar.

5. Wait a few minutes for Google to import the calendar.

6. When the calendar first imports, it’s name will be the long URL you pasted in; to change it, click the dropdown arrow next to its name in the Other Calendars box, choose Calendar Settings, change the calendar name to something more friendly (like “Foursquare History”), and click Save.

You could then make this calendar public, allowing your contacts to see when you went someplace. This could be useful for a street team, where a company wants to show when they were at a specific event.

The possible uses for these mashups are almost limitless (especially if you can figure out how to add Twitter in for a social media trifecta), and can greatly enhance your sociability on the Web.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to check in and try to regain mayorship of the Genuine office.

Mike Miles is a backend developer at Genuine Interactive. Follow him on twitter @mikemiles86 or on foursquare  @mikemiles86. Photo courtesy of Teamstickergiant.


  1. Sep 22 2011 Vince says

    cool tip …thanks

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