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Launch: An online window into Plimoth Plantation’s unique bicultural experience

When I told people that we were working on the Plimoth Plantation web site, they usually said something like “I remember visiting that place as a kid” or “Do the Pilgrims there pretend to know what a web site is?” Generally, people thought that visiting Plimoth led to a somewhat odd experience talking to actors dressed in Pilgrim garb and out of touch with the modern world.

However, after visiting Plimoth and working with their staff, we found a vibrant and active community dedicated to telling the iconic story of Plymouth Colony in the modern age. Lots of great stuff happens daily at this living history museum – from the independent cinema shown in the visitor center to the unique bicultural experience offered by the Wampanoag and English villager roleplayers.

As we proceeded through IA and design, we focused on the idea of a “window into the guest experience” which informed the home page, online calendar, and unique inner pages of the site. We prepared detailed documentation on the Drupal CMS that we built to power the site, to allow Plimoth to fill each page with well-written copy and specifically chosen imagery.

One key goal of the redesign was to create a system of “microdonations,” to allow online users to support Plimoth through small donations of $2 or $5. We collaborated with Plimoth to develop a “virtual world” to introduce users to the Microdonation experience, and used Convio to build out donations forms that let users support Plimoth financially and then share their experiences on Twitter, Facebook or e-mail. (Shameless plug: please consider handfeeding a lamb today.)

Visitors to Plimoth Plantation can expect a fun yet educational experience, all in beautiful outdoor and indoor settings. Plan your own visit today, and visit the beautiful new web site to learn how to make the most of your experience.


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