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Quora, Tumblr And Social Search Help Give Your Content The Audience It Deserves

 In recent conversations with a wide range of clients in the medical field (hospitals, physicians networks and EMR providers), a theme has been emerging around their content aspirations. In their own way, each wants to serve as patient or clinician educators.

As someone who entered agency life from a newspaper/web producer/web developer background, this makes me smile. I believe we’re in the early stages of a whole new wave of content creation and sharing. This new wave is powered by tools that will serve those with valuable insights very well, enabling them to cultivate ambassadors for thought leadership.

The tools to which I’m referring — Quora and Tumblr and Google’s social search — are all relatively new, and combine for a truly powerful way to connect relevant content to an audience that’s becoming more sophisticated about how to manage the information overload they’re experiencing every day.

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