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The rest of the story: Expanded answers for ‘Avoiding Social Media Malpractice’ piece

I neglected to blog here a couple weeks ago that I posted my first contribution to MediaPost in their debut edition of a new section called Marketing:Health “Avoiding Social Media Malpractice“.

Much like a patient who is about to undergo an unfamiliar medical procedure, social media can be a scary endeavor to the uninitiated.

In both cases, the mind can easily drift into anxiety-ridden territory: What if something goes wrong? What if I hear something I didn’t want to hear? What if the people operating these instruments are not up to the task? (click here to read the full post)

I had a word limit and went way over even though I left out many insightful responses from a half-dozen people:

I’ve been living more and more of my life in spreadsheet form and I thought if others wanted to take the insights of those who contributed and use it in their own proposals and plans, that perhaps a spreadsheet might work best. Therefore, I created this Google Spreadsheet.


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