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Google and Yahoo! PPC Deal: Clickopoly or good for advertisers?

Yahoo! has reached an agreement with GOOG that will allow GOOG to display their ads within Yahoo! search results.  This deal has anti-trust watchers percolating and search engine advertisers wondering if the partnership is going to lead to higher keyword pricing from the PPC partnership.

Let’s coin a new term – Clickopoly.  Sorry – Clickopoly™.

Antitrust lawmakers fear that this partnership will push prices higher.  Yahoo and GOOG claim the partnership will allow GOOG advertisers to tap into more keyword searches and Yahoo! to monetize more searches that currently don’t have sponsored advertisers.  Google has plenty.

FOR GENUINE CUSTOMERS: As long as GOOG doesn’t artificially control keyword pricing with volume penalties and quality scores, advertising on the web becomes easier because we can manage one program and reach 90% of the search market.   Basically advertisers will get the same or more reach with the same or lower service fees.

FOR YAHOO!: Yahoo has thrown in the PPC towel and will focus on their massive user group and communities. According to reports, Yahoo! will benefit from $800 million in new revenue due to the deal.

“Its great that the Google and Yahoo oligoloply is drawing anti-trust attention away from you, Bill. We will see if Adam Smith and his early anti-trust teachings hold true.”

“Whatever Slash.  I’m f’ing Teflon.  Now go get me some damn groupies and get with Axl and finish Chinese Democracy for Christ’s sake.”


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