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A Successful 2014 Global Drupal 8 Sprint Weekend at Genuine with Acquia

Recently, Genuine hosted the 2014 Global Drupal 8 Sprint Weekend and Acquia co-sponsored the event with about 30 attendees. Drupalists from Boston and the New England area came together to work on issues to push Drupal 8 for beta release. And for those who couldn’t make it to Genuine’s office, participated via Google Hangout.


The event was a great success with contributors working all day to fix issues and review new codes to improve Drupal 8. Also in attendance were experienced Drupal contributors from Acquia and OwnSourcing to lead themed sessions, including Migrate, Search (Drupal Core Search and Search API), RDF, and new contributor set-ups.


These experienced contributors played an important role for novice contributors who want to give back to the Drupal community but needed a little guidance. For example, Kay VanValkenburgh, principal of OwnSourcing, used his expertise in training PHP developers for Drupal to assist novice contributors to set up their environments and assist throughout the Sprint.


All in all, the 2014 Global Drupal 8 Sprint Weekend contributors pushed more than 20 major issues into review and rolled out more than 10 patches. For more information about the event and what was accomplished, watch the video below.

The 2014 Global Drupal 8 Sprint Weekend provided more than a day to work on Drupal issues, but also a day to connect with other Drupal enthusiasts in the area. Genuine would  like to thank our partner Acquia for co-sponsoring the event, Jeannie Finks for co-organizing the event, as well as our session leaders, Melissa Anderson, Stephane Corlosquet, Leslie Glynn, Mike Ryan, Kay VanValenburgh, and Nick Veenhof.

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