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3DVIA Find Your Fast

3DVIA Find Your Fast

Website | Mar 2009

3DVia Find Your Fast

A Formula for Speed

There’s no better example of the video/Web convergence than the Find Your Fast microsite. 3DVIA hires Genuine to drive leads for their game developer conference through an immersive video experience.

Technologies Used

Driving Leads with Flash-Based 3D Architecture

3DVIA needed a way to build leads to promote their 3D rendering software as a fast new tool for developers attending an upcoming gaming conference. Your everyday contact form wasn’t going to suffice for 3DVIA’s tech-savvy audience, so they called on Genuine to design an engaging microsite.

How We Helped

Genuine helped the brand signify “fast.” So fast—in fact—that the two actors build the site right before your eyes. The Find Your Fast microsite constructs itself around a green-screened video subject to reinforce the central concept of speed and performance specific to the brand’s product.

Genuine overcame a number of production challenges during the filming, but the end result showcases the lifelike 3D performance of 3DVIA’s product in a fluid, Flash-based environment. Due to the high level of interaction encouraged by the immersive environment, we captured over six times as many leads than anticipated.