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Creat Studios


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Creat Studios

Creat Studios

Website | Apr 2009

Creat Studios

Building a Portfolio
at the Bleeding Edge

Genuine helps Creat Studios showcase their collection of video games with a stunning Flash-powered 3D portfolio, opening the doors to more clients, more consumers, and more employees.

Immersive Video Experiences Through Flash-Based 3D Architecture

Creat Studios wanted to revamp their brand with a portfolio that showcased their creativity and passion for creating digitally immersive games. They also wanted to foster social networking and video-sharing to enhance the experience for clients and extend their reach to potential employees.

How We Helped

Genuine created a powerful 3D wheel of games through a combination of Flash wizardry and Papervision3D as the initial front page experience. Visitors could select titles from this 3D wall of games to dive directly into Creat’s portfolio.

Individual titles in the portfolio have sharable widescreen video and interrelated title recommendations, which encourages users to further explore the site. Genuine also devoted a good portion of the website’s infrastructure to detailed team profiles and an in-depth company overview, so as to attract prospective hires to consider working at Creat Studios.