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Fenway Triangle


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Fenway Triangle

Fenway Triangle

Website | Oct 2008

Fenway Triangle

A Living Community in Simulation

Samuel & Associates calls on Genuine to build an immersive digital video experience that captures the essence of eclectic upscale apartment community Fenway Triangle: the speed of life in motion.

Technologies Used

Digital Urbania and the Speed of Life in Motion

New England developer Samuel & Associates describes Fenway Triangle as a “stylish, energetic neighborhood” with an eclectic array of hip must-haves for Boston urbanites. Genuine’s challenge was to capture the energy and excitement of the neighborhood’s fast-paced lifestyle and translate that into an engaging Web-based experience.

How We Helped

One of Genuine’s trademark approaches to rendering lifelike digital experiences is rooted in the convergence of the Web and video. Genuine’s Motion team used Flash to generate a fully immersive digital environment rich with video footage from the Fenway Triangle community.

We also incorporated frenetic, asymmetrical geometries into the website’s visual design to simulate a sense of excitement. And central to the experience is the website’s neighborhood video tour, which features the wide variety of personalities residents may encounter at Fenway Triangle, from doctors to hair stylists to Red Sox all-star pitcher Jonathan Papelbon.