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Plimoth Plantation


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Plimoth Plantation

Plimoth Plantation

Website | May 2011

Plimoth Plantation

Building the Theater of the Past

When visitors come to Plimoth Plantation to learn about Plymouth Colony’s living history, the visit takes place in a highly experiential learning environment. Plimoth Plantation hires Genuine to recapture that experience in Plimoth’s new website.

Technologies Used

Flash-Based Interactivity Boosts Micro-Donations
in Drupal-Powered CMS

Plimoth Plantation had an array of objectives when it came to the redesign of their museum’s website, chief among them to motivate micro-donations from younger donors, provide an educational resource for students and teachers, and enable visitors to plan their visit to the museum. To that end, Genuine’s strategy was to build a new appeal and interactivity into the micro-donation process.

How We Helped

Genuine selected Drupal as the CMS of choice for Plimoth’s new website. We wanted to immerse visitors in full-screen, panoramic photos and videos that would reflect the immersive experience that the museum’s theater of the past offered.

The Flash-based interactive donations page focused on illustrating ways visitors could help, from helping students “time travel to the 1600s” to keeping the “Mayflower II sailing into history.” Overall, the website’s clean new look and our slimmed-down IA allowed for a breadth of content that made it easier for visitors to find the information they needed quickly and without losing depth. By carrying over the site’s design into the museum’s Magento-powered shopping cart, we made eCommerce a seamless experience for visitors.