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Tharpe Robbins

Tharpe Robbins

Website | Jun 2010

Tharpe Robbins

Engineering the Butterfly Effect

Smart ideas often start small and germinate into greatness. Tharpe Robbins hires Genuine to breathe new life into the corporate awards and recognition space.

Technologies Used

Employee Recognition Captured in Immersive 3D

Tharpe Robbins’ unique position as the company for “managed recognition”—a business-to-business service that establishes programs for employee recognition—required a very unique creative approach, and Genuine was up to the challenge. We started with a single idea—that one act of appreciation can lead to a chain of positive results—and took off running.

How We Helped

TharpeRobbins didn’t want to be another boring B2B bloated with stock photos. Instead, they wanted a vibrant web presence with an uplifting image that matched the positive attitude with which they approached driving employee performance in their client’s businesses.

To that end, Genuine developed a Flash-powered 3D animation that opened with butterflies lifting their messaging into the skies. This butterfly effect became a powerful image behind the site’s messaging, which was reinforced by video of employee interviews and clean copy.