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Tribe Hummus


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Tribe Hummus

Tribe Hummus

Website | Jun 2010

Tribe Hummus

The Perfect Pairing

Genuine reinvents Tribe’s look by speaking to the hummus-loving passion of its senior staff while showcasing a wholesome community of friends of organic food.

Technologies Used

Simplicity in an Open Source Showcase: Enter Drupal

Massachusetts-based Tribe® Hummus needed a new look and new messaging to get across the value of its all natural hummus product. Genuine timed the launch of the site (which we built in popular open source platform Drupal) to follow up the release of their newest product, the Tribe Origins™ organic line, and chief among the goals in the redesign was to represent the product’s wholesome authenticity.

How We Helped

To establish a strong foundation for the brand’s digital presence, first Genuine needed to anchor the company’s social media properties in the website and build a community around its recipes.

We told the story of Tribe in vibrant summer colors, high quality product photography, and animations of the fresh ingredients that go into Tribe’s hummus. Tribe also wanted to showcase the passion of its senior management, who have extensive backgrounds in food prep and distribution. To this end, Genuine created an attractive Ask the Tribe Q&A that featured the staff’s stories.