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Walpole Woodworkers


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Walpole Woodworkers

Walpole Woodworkers

Website | Sep 2010

Walpole Wood

A Powerful New Point of Sale

We all know a really effective shopping cart can only take you 50% of the way, because customers still have to find you. Walpole Woodworkers sheds its yesteryear platform and taps Genuine’s Online Marketing team to make its cart a shining beacon for home goods on the Web.

Technologies Used

Backing zNode with Targeted Paid Search Marketing

Walpole Woodworkers prided itself on its fine degree of control over the consumer lifecycle of its products, from manufacturing to point of sale to delivery. Genuine’s challenge was to provide the home goods supplier with a website that afforded the same level of control over online orders.

How We Helped

Genuine migrated Walpole off its old ColdFusion installation and installed popular eCommerce software zNode to interface with a third party database of over 2,000 of the company’s products. Our redesign featured a wealth of product photos and a faceted on-site search that enabled visitors to apply very specific filters to get targeted results.

Our Online Marketing team worked closely with development to set up a paid search marketing campaign that would take advantage of the site’s new search-engine friendly architecture.