Genuine Services

What we do is engage your audience. How we do it is a little more complicated.


Genuine employs some of the nation’s best digital strategists from a varied mix of branding, social media, development, consulting, analytics and technology backgrounds. We deliver measurable results for our clients, because everything we do is rooted in strategic thinking that spans digital divides and channels. And beyond those channels, we ensure that every piece of your marketing and advertising offline mix works together seamlessly because the best strategy is channel agnostic. We like to say that people hire us when they don’t know exactly what to put in an RFP. We’ll help you figure that out.


  • Technology Audit and Development Strategy
  • Best Practices Development
  • Digital Brand Strategy
  • User Research
  • Account Planning
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Research and Insights
  • Competitive Research and Analysis


Bringing your brand’s digital presence to life does not mean turning a print ad into home page. And, a TV spot on a Facebook page is not a social media strategy. We help brands create leading digital brand experiences that activate and engage the consumer at many touch points. We believe in utilizing the capabilities of the channels we work in to their fullest extent while producing creative ideas that achieve business objectives and build amazing brands.


  • Web Design
  • Experiential Design
  • OLA & Rich Media


Genuine’s development staff architects and builds the technical aspects of any project at Genuine.  All the great ideas generated during strategy, UX, and design, along with the recommendations from Genuine’s Digital Media team, come together during the development phase.  From building a content management solution to creating Facebook pages to experiential fulfillment sites, Genuine’s team of talented developers builds it all in-house.


  • CMS Strategy and Implementation
  • Front-End Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • Database Integration
  • HTML 5, Javascript
  • eCommerce Development
  • Advanced Flash and Actionscript
  • Intranet / Extranet

User Experience Design

Genuine designs all projects with the user in mind. Placing emphasis on the user experience throughout, we ensure your consumers will have the best experience on your platform. Genuine’s User Experience Design (UXD) team can help design and optimize the experience for customers by understanding and focusing on how users will perceive, use, and behave within the experiences we design. By providing a quality user experience, UXD produces an essential, sustainable, and measurable competitive advantage.


  • Information Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Functional Specifications
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • User and Ethnographic Studies
  • User Testing
  • Experience Optimization

Genuine Studios

As consumers continue to immerse themselves into the digital landscape by actively engaging with brands, companies are moving their traditional media budgets into digital marketing to create disruptive and interactive video content. Genuine Studios has the capabilities and equipment that rival big production houses. From scripting to casting, shooting to editing, and motion graphics, VFX, compositing and 3D, Genuine Studios can do it all in our in-house studio or on location. We can work on projects and campaigns independently and work with Genuine Interactive’s client services teams to produce videos to meet campaign needs. See work.



  • In-house Studio
  • Sound booth
  • Green Screen
  • On location


  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics, AE
  • Animation
  • Cinema 4D



We build experiences that transcend the mouse, keyboard or mobile device they operate on, so that brands can initiate instant engagement with their consumers. We work with the best event marketing agencies in the business to translate digital experiences into live, interactive touch-points that electrify consumers at the grassroots level and spark deeper conversations with the brand.


  • Web and Video Integration
  • Interactive Video
  • Augmented Reality
  • QR Codes


To consumers, it doesn’t matter what screen they’re viewing, they want to be immersed in the experience. And today, they want access to digital content anytime, anywhere. So whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or Android app, or a mobile-friendly website, we take brand-DNA and turn it into engaging mobile experiences that bring digital content to life. See work.


  • iPad, iOS, Droid, Blackberry
  • Sales Tool Development
  • Location and Geo Based Apps
  • Game Development
  • Enterprise Application Development and Provisioning
  • Cross Mobile and Web Development
  • Branded Gaming

Social Media

Social media’s strengths are in amplifying a brand’s voice, engaging its community, and activating the most passionate advocates. We survey the changing landscape for our clients – every platform, technology, network, and trend – to pinpoint the best opportunities for their brands. Then we craft the tools and experiences that can help them gain access to the spaces where millions of people play, connect, and work every day.


  • Community Strategy and Development
  • Enterprise Social Media Guidelines Strategy
  • Facebook Design and Development
  • Social Application Development
  • Advocacy Identification and Strategy
  • Social Data Mining

Online Marketing

Selecting the right digital marketing mix for your marketing campaign is less about eyeballs and more about impact. At the core of our digital marketing strategy is a focus on key performance indicators specific to your industry, which we use to measure the effects of the segments we’ve bought into so that we can continually improve our strategy. Genuine’s online media team acts more like stock brokers than media buyers and helps our clients see the forest for the trees by selecting only the channels and mediums best suited to your campaign goals.


  • Lead Generation
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the combination of organic Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Advertising. With Genuine, you’ll have Google Certified professionals tracking opportunities with both disciplines. Search Engine Marketing is half reactionary science and half art of analysis, and Genuine’s Google Certified professionals have years of experience driving qualified traffic to our clients’ websites by creating and monitoring search engine programs. We can do the same for you.


  • Paid Search Optimization
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Link Building


Web Analytics

Delivering data is not difficult. Interpreting data is. If you’ve looked at your Google Analytics reports you know that data paralysis sets in early and often. You need a partner who can help you identify KPIs that are relevant to your industry and business. You need a way to measure the success and failure of initiatives, pages, and campaigns so you can make more educated decisions as a leading digital marketer. We pride ourselves on translating numbers into actionable business strategies and ideas that don’t require a regression analysis to understand.


  • Web Analytics
  • Executive Dashboards